Print Media Advertising on Consumerism and Cultural Values

Topics: Advertising, Culture, Apple Inc. Pages: 2 (863 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Print Media Advertising on Consumerism and Cultural Values
Advertising is important to our society for the success it plays in our culture. Manufacturers produce a product such as the iPad and then pay for advertisements on their product to be successful. One important way advertisements get into the hands of our society is through print media advertising. Print media is a form of communication used on paper ads or on billboards. Print media is used consistently by advertising companies in the forms of flyers, pamphlets, billboards, magazines, newspapers and even can be found on mobile billboards to make sure that the product is introduced as a need and not a want. Companies make products and use advertising companies help find a way that will show consumers how it will help them in their everyday lives. Print media uses many forms to get the information out in our culture and continues to evolve with our changing technology. This paper will evaluate the impact that print media has played on advertising and consumerism as well as cultural values. It will also describe the roles that print media has played in the development of American popular culture and identify three trends that print media has influenced, which are consumerism, work, and happiness. Print media has changed the advertising industry. It has made advertising easier for companies and more affordable than a very expensive commercial to get product knowledge out to consumers. Advertisements help get consumers excited about the product and by using print media keeps product knowledge high with the use of newspapers and magazines especially. The iPad is a hot product right now in our society everyone wants one because it is an apple product, and it is small enough to carry around but easy enough to use wherever it is needed instead of carrying around a big heavy laptop. This is a trend in our culture because people know what it is and know why it can help improve their business or...
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