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Topics: Net present value, Cash flow, Investment Pages: 4 (1736 words) Published: April 23, 2015
͵ΖΔΖΞΓΖΣ͑ͣͤ͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͢͡ ͣͤ͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͢͡ʹΒΤΖ͑΄ΥΦΕΪ͑΄ΖΣΚΖΤ ͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑ʹΒΤΖ͑΄ΥΦΕΪ͑΄ΖΣΚΖΤ

Investing in a Brewpub: A Capital Budgeting Analysis



Elizabeth Webb Cooper, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance
La Salle University
1900 W. Olney Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19041

Elizabeth Webb Cooper, La Salle University, Case ID 041001

͵ΖΔΖΞΓΖΣ͑ͣͤ͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͢͡ ͣͤ͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͢͡ʹΒΤΖ͑΄ΥΦΕΪ͑΄ΖΣΚΖΤ ͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑͑ʹΒΤΖ͑΄ΥΦΕΪ͑΄ΖΣΚΖΤ Abstract

Two recent college graduates own a restaurant and want to decide whether to invest in a brewpub system, which would allow the pair to sell beer on tap to their customers. The business owners must complete a thorough cash flow analysis of their planned investment using the concepts of operating cash flows, working capital investment and capital expenditures. They need to have a keen understanding of relevant versus non-relevant cash flows. Further, they must use these cash flows in order to come up with the net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) of the investment under different realistic business scenarios. The pair also must use sensitivity analysis to see how their investment decision may or may not change as a result of varying costs of capital. In the end, the pair needs to decide whether to invest in the brewpub in light of their full analysis.

The Case
Samantha Myers and Grant Patrick graduated from...

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Cengage Learning.
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