Project Report on Comparison of Stock Market with Other Investment Option

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“Comparison of Stock Market with other Investment Options”







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Faculty of Management & Research




This is to certify that Miss , a student of Master of Business Administration (Finance) has completed her Project on the topic entitled “Comparison of Stock Market with other Investment Options” as a part of her curriculum under my supervision and guidance. To the best of my knowledge and belief the work is based on the investigations made, data collected and analyzed by her.

Amit Kumar Goel Assistant professor Faculty of Mananagement & Research Integral University. Lucknow


Every researcher in pursuit of his/her objective collects enormous empirical debt of gratitude to others and I am no exception to it. Project work is never the accomplishment of an individual; rather it is an amalgamation of the efforts, ideas and cooperation of number of entities. It is often the result of invaluable contribution of no. of individuals in- direct or indirect way in shaping success on achieving it. Here I take the opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to my guide Mr. Amit Kumar Goel(Assistant professor, Integral University), for providing me in depth look, valuable correction and proof reading of the project report and thus making me able to omit the errors and fallacies in the report.

I will also like to owe my sincere thanks to Prof. (Dr.) Zeeshan Amir, (Dean Faculty of Management and Research, Integral University, Lucknow & HOD (Dr.) Adeel Maqbool for their valuable encouragement and generous help in Completion of this report.

Their benevolent nature and timely guidance infused courage in me to complete the project successfully. Their impact on me was tremendous, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I would say that even revolutionized the way in which I used to think and function. My profound, thank are due to them, for giving me unconditional and absolute support, cooperation, and encouragement during the project.

This acknowledgement is incomplete without giving special thanks to the persons who are directly or indirectly associated with the project. Last but not the least I pay my deep regard to my parents and gratitude to God, without whom I was not able to complete this project. I do sincerely hope that my report would give value to information to its users and add laurels to the prestige of my institution.

M.B.A (Finance)-2nd Year
Roll No-1100122005

Executive Summary

The purpose of this project was to measure the awareness level of a

selected number of investors about the stock market as an investment

option. The factors involved in choosing the investment options of the

Investors are studied and the reasons of investors to not to invest in stock

market is studied. Sixty investors randomly picked were interviewed. The

other factors are awareness of stock market to comparison with other

investment options and find the reasons that discourages the investors to

invest in stock market. After research we find that most of the peoples

believe that it gives the higher returns but this seems to be there wrong

perception. it also involving high risk, but associated with higher risk. such

kind of misbelieves must be...
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