psychology and advertising

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Psychology- Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes Advertising- Advertising is a commercial solicitation that is in a form of a communication or a poster designed to sell a commodity. The three basic mantras of advertising are:

There are two routes to advertising:
CENTRAL ROUTE- This advertising requires direct facts and logics and appeals to the needs, involvement and motivation of the consumer. PERIPHERIAL ROUTE: This adverting uses cues like attractive slogans, brand ambassadors usually film stars, colors, stories, emoticons, etc.It appeals to the greed, cognitive style, culture and uses various factors to draw attention.

Colors play a very important role in creating logos and advertisements-


Lays is a worldwide famous potato chips brand which promotes a variety of flavors in colorful packets characterizing each flavor. Bright colors used make the advertising very attractive, catchy and draw attention. The advertisement is novel and new.

The fact that the cream has been portrayed to be as soft and fluffy as clouds and the blue background promotes tranquility and sincerity makes this add all the more appealing.

Coca cola is a world famous soft drink.
This advertisement promotes freshness. The picture of the icy drink appeals to our need for a good drink in a hot summer afternoon There is also a fun element in the ad and the straight forward and simple slogan “BRRRR” makes us want to drink it from the page i.e. if possible!

The above are advertisements of Glucose-D, a famous biscuit brand since ages and Alcome, a line of fragrant perfumes. Glucose-D uses the popularity of Gaabar singh; an infamous film character to promote the biscuit product. The slogan is catchy and draws our immediate attention. The black and white colors give the ad an old...
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