Psychology Concepts

Topics: Reinforcement, Psychology, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: October 11, 2012
The five concepts that I feel I use in my everyday life and that are very important in the process of bettering myself would have to be; punishment, observational learning, positive reinforcement, goal setting, and communication. Those are the main things that I found in the chapters that I use in my everyday life, work, school, sports etc.

Punishment, if used properly can have a very good outcome and can be the decrease in likelihood that a bad behavior or act will be repeated. If you can have good control over yourself, or good understanding of self-discipline than the punishment can help stop yourself from acting on impulse and instead, thinking about your actions. When used correctly, punishment can help overcome bad habits, such as over sleeping or just being flat out lazy. But the main thing that I found benefits from self-discipline and punishment, is that procrastination is no longer a problem, or even and occurrence in my daily life for that matter.

Observational learning can help allot as you are working or studying something/someone. When I am at work (Aeropostale) I feel that I do allot of observational learning without even realizing it. Until this class, I had no idea that I have been using it to my benefit all along. When I see how people act when they are shopping and looking for something to buy, I can tell what their personality is like by the way that they react to what they see. It makes work really easy, just by that, I can help them look for something that might interest them or at least something I can make seem interesting to them.

Positive reinforcement, the term means to strengthen, and is used in psychology to refer to anything stimulus which strengthens or increases the probability of a specific response. For example, if you want to train your dog to sit on command, you could give the dog a treat every time he sits for you. The dog will eventually figure out and understand that sitting when told to will ultimately end in getting...
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