Relationship Between Happiness and Success

Topics: Personal life, Medicine, Happiness Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Relationship between happiness and success
Hi everyone. Today I am going to give a presentation on the relationship between happiness and success.

Very often, when we are given this topic, we will immediately pop up with an idea that success brings happiness. A successful person is usually defined as he got everything, money, a loving family, a job he enjoys, and lots of friends. In my opinion, success brings happiness because of several reasons.

Firstly, success brings money to you, and money brings happiness. As the Chinese adage goes, “Having money doesn’t mean you can do everything; but without money you can do nothing.” From this, we can tell that money is important to our lives. With money, we can do all the leisure activities we want, eat all the food we like, travel around the world. Without, our lives will be dull and tame, as we cannot spend money on the things we want to do. Then, how success brings money? As stated above, a successful person usually loves his job. Anyone who loves his/her job works harder than those who don’t and they work more efficiently. They go to work everyday and never be late for work. They go home late from their work. These are all because they want to work. In return, they got a lot of money. Angelina Jolie, a famous Hollywood movie star, once said, “ I worked very hard and was successful. I am very happy now.” Thus, success brings happiness because the person can gain a lot of money that allows him to have a luxurious life and free from financial burden.

Secondly, success brings health to you and health brings happiness. If you are ill, you need to visit the doctor. Though there is medical care system in most countries, we still need to pay for the medical fee if we are in some severe conditions, like cancer. If we don’t have enough money, we cannot receive the medical treatment and we would be suffering from pain. Thus, success brings health because we can use the money we gain to pay for the treatment and a...
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