Relationship Between Sociology and Other Social Sciences & Relationship Between Sociology and Economics

Topics: Sociology, Social sciences, Economics Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: October 13, 2012
             Sociology and economics are the branches of the social sciences .They have very close relationship. Economics deals with the economics activities of man which is also called science of bred and butter. Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Economics as concerned with material welfare of the human beings. Economics welfare is only a part of human welfare and it can be only sought only with the proper knowledge of social laws. It cannot go far ahead without the help of sociology and other sciences.              Sociology and economics are helpful to each other. Economics’ relationship are closely related with social activities as same as social relationship are also effected by economic activity. |

Carl Heinrich Marx|
            Thus due to such relations, Thomas regarded economics as the branch of sociology which is known as economic sociology and is use to study economic process of the society. Some economists like Sam Bart, Max Weber, and Pareto have explained economic change as aspect of social change. According to them, the study of economics would be incomplete without understanding of human society. The society, it's structure, organization, it's institution, it's strength and witness Etc. are bound to effect economics activities of its people. On the other hand, according to Karl Marx, the social phenomena’s are determined by economic forces .And social reality or social change can be explained in terms of economic forces.          According to Karl Marx, the infrastructure of society is nothing but the economic relations among it's people are something. |

The oldest turtle cion,dates 700 B.C|
        Now the area of co-operation between sociology and economics is becoming wider. Economists are now analyzing the social factors influencing economic growth. Economists are now more and more making use of the sociological concept and...
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