Report on Apple's Market Capitalization Value

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Report on Apple’s market capitalization value (1990 – 2012)

This report provides a brief overview of Apple’s market capitalization value development in comparison to its current rival Samsung over the past 22 years. Investors may find this report helpful when considering Apple’s future value growth potential and risk.

Statistical Comparison
1990 to 2004 marked a period of unchanged market capitalization value for Apple. Conversely, in 2000 Samsung’s shares increased to $50 billion (bn). Considering its collaboration with Yahoo! and Microsoft in the development of networks and innovative software for cellular phones, such a surge was foreseeable. During the same year Apple launched the first Mac computer, increasing shares only moderately. Over the next four years Samsung gradually increased its market capitalization value, passing the $100 bn threshold in 2006. It dropped markedly in 2008 as the leadership passed on to Gee-Sung Choi. In 2009 Samsung recovered with market capitalization rising steadily. Share prices peaked at just below $200 bn in 2012, making it the fifth largest competitor in its industry. Apple’s market capitalization value remained unchanged until 2004, where its value rose steadily on introduction of the iPod. This trend was followed by the promotion of the first iPhone in 2007, driving the share prices to a new high of $180 bn. The economic crisis led to an erratic movement of market value during 2007 to 2009. Confidence in Apple returned with the introduction of the iPad and further iPhone updates, generating a significant increase of value in 2009. Apple’s market value crossed the $600 bn threshold in 2012, marking it the most valuable company in the world. Furthermore, Apple currently owns 4.9% (S7P 500) and 1.2% of the world stock market value, representing a considerable influence on world economic outlook.

Future predictions
Apple can continue to grow value faster than...
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