Representations of women in advertising: PACO RABANNE

Topics: White, Audience, Color Pages: 2 (1184 words) Published: January 18, 2015
Representations of women in the media today, when advertising a male product

This Paco Rabanne advertisement is to promote the male fragrance 1 Million. They have very obviously decided to use the female model to attract the attention of their desired audience (men aged 18-30, when usually men are career driven, and open to a relationship). They have used scopophilia to do so effectively, they have done this by using an idealistic woman physically: thin, revealing dress, toned body, cleavage which gives the idea that the model is sexually active and connotes to the audience that if they were to purchase and wear this fragrance, women like the model would desire them too.

There are only three colours used in this advertisement: black, white and gold. They have used the colours black and white to make the product look sophisticated, to attract their secondary audience of businessmen, who want to come across sophisticated, proud and truthful. The way the colours black and white connote truthfulness would be from the expression ‘its black and white’ which is said when the individual wants someone to know what they are presenting is what is comes across as, persuading the audience that this product will achieve their desired woman and/or career aim. They have then used the colour gold specifically on the product to link with the name of the product ‘1 Million’ as they want the product to seem and look expensive so they have designed the product to look like a gold bar which will entice the audience, as not only will the product make the customer smell good, it will also make them feel expensive and classy.

Another element to the advertisement would be the signature, Paco Rabanne click that is featured through the model clicking her fingers. This would be recognisable to the previous users of Paco Rabanne and their fans, opening up another secondary audience. The use of the click is also connoting that once you have the product...
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