Retail Advertising and Sales Promotions Homework

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Shavandis McDonald
Homework 1
Retail advertising & sales promotions

Wake up call
1. What coffee brands would constitute Eight O’clock Coffee’s primary competition. Folgers, Maxwell House and Starbucks.
2. Would you characterize coffee consumption as a situation in which brand parity or brand loyalty exists? Why?

I think coffee consumption is a situation in which brand loyalty exist, because unlike brand parity it’s not about the quality and equivalency of the brand image but the product keeping its loyal customers.

3. Who is the target market for Eight O’clock Coffee’s brand refresh program? Will the campaign be effective in reaching the right audience? Why or why not?

The target market for Eight O’clock Coffees brand refresh program are Social media user’s sweepstakes and television participants. I think the campaign will be very effective in reaching the audience because Eight O’clock Coffees are targeting them specifically.

4. Evaluate the value of using social media for this type of marketing communications efforts. Is it necessary or helpful? Why or why not?

I believe using social media in their marketing communications efforts are necessary because they want to get their companies name out there. It will create a brand awareness.

Shavandis McDonald
Case 2: A New Salsa Sensation

1. Can you think of a brand name that could be used not only for salsa, but for any other product related to salsa that Hector’s company may sale?

Anything dealing with Mexican cuisine will relate to Hector’s product.

2. How can Hector’s company compete with Pace and Old El Paso? Is there a market niche the company can locate? By focusing on the company’s brand parity hectors company can compete with Pace and Old El Paso. I do think there is a market niche the company can locate such as showing how his salsa is different and better than the other brands.

3. What kinds of advertising and promotion tactics should...
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