Retirement Planning Case

Topics: Corporate finance, Plagiarism, Finance Pages: 10 (2781 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Ryerson University
Ted Rogers School of Business Management
FIN 810 Corporate Financial Analysis
Winter 2013

Class Time: Fridays 11:00 – 14:00|
Room: TRS – 2-166 |
Professor: Sergiy RakhmayilOffice hours: after classOffice: TRS 2-056| Web: Blackboard Email: Phone: (416)-979-5000/ext 4968| | | |

Grades on assignments, tests and exams, including final exams, will be posted on the Blackboard site for the course . Students who wish not to have their grades posted must inform the instructor in writing E-MAIL USAGE

Students are welcome to contact the instructor by email except for the questions related to the course content. Any questions related to assignment problems, chapter topics, or cases should be posted on the Blackboard on the designated discussion board so that other students who may have the same question can see the discussion. COURSE DESCRIPTION

In this course, financial theory will be used to resolve a number of practical corporate finance problems in the areas of capital structure, dividend policy, corporate valuation, securities valuation, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and other applied financial issues. Practical solutions to real world financial challenges will be explored. COURSE OVERVIEW

Students focus on the financial concepts, issues, methods, and industry practices relevant to public companies. Students will learn how to evaluate the financial position of a corporation through examination of accounting statements, how to analyse financing and investment problems using discounted cash flow framework, how to evaluate the impact of different financing and investment decisions on the shareholders’ wealth, how to assess flexibility in investment, and how to form dividend policy using current finance theory and practice. Students will have to solve a series of finance cases where they will conceptualize complex corporate finance issues into coherent written statements. COURSE OBJECTIVES

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to analyse corporate financing and investment problems in order to develop solutions appropriate to the conditions of the situations, develop guiding management principles for corporate financial management based on forecasted financial statements and an evaluation of several financing and investment scenarios, apply finance theories and techniques to analyze investment and financing problems in order to determine appropriate financial management strategies and solutions, apply necessary tools for analyzing financial statements in order to make financially viable management decisions, use finance theory to evaluate options to delay investment or options to postpone or re-focus production, determine the size of the distributions to shareholders based on tax considerations, transaction costs, and available sources of financing, and prepare written reports that summarize all findings, conclusions, and recommendations bearing on a researched corporate finance issue.

The grade for this course is composed of the mark received for each of the following components: Method| Percent/Weight|
Case quizzes, Best 7 out of 10| 35%|
iClicker Quizzes, Best 7 out of 10| 35%|
Journal| 15%|
Time Line| 15%|
TOTAL| 100%|
Students will receive the results of their cases within a week after submission. Procedures and Expectations
Students are expected to abide by the Ryerson University Student Honor Code, attend all class sessions, be prepared to discuss each day's assigned topic or subject matter, and behave in a professional manner.

Requirements of all assignments, tests, exams and other work to be graded.

Attendance and participation
Preparation for, and attendance at, the case discussion classes and guest speaker occasions is...
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