Ricg Dad Poor Dad

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My reaction about the story rich dad poor dad is the story is very nice. And it is related to our subject finance100. And the first time I read the book, I felt inspired. The Rich Dad, Poor Dad also refers to the two main influences that the author Robert has a child. His own father poor dad worked a steady job. While the rich dad ran a businesses. This book tell us how to make money and made a big money mistake. My reaction about this story is that People have different perspectives on their existence; different decisions to make, ideas, and principles that reflect there persona of whom they are and of what causes them to be of what they are now. It also tells us on how a two dissimilar man; the rich man with very little education but financially knowledgeable, very skilled in the investment game because that’s all he did and the poor man struggle for success through education but lacks financial literacy that he spent so much time in school learning about the problems in the world. From the beginning of the story, the author gives much emphasis on accounting knowledge. It is an actuality that no man turn out to be successful without struggling and sacrificing. This rich dad poor dad story taught us that even though some people may not be grateful for our work, never give up but prove them your worth. And for me, The rich don’t work for money, instead money works for them. And for me It teach us how to control your money instead of letting it control you.
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