Roadblock Advertising

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A Roadblock in Advertising
Prepared - Vikaash S Thakur,
Lecturer, MBA- GGITS, Jabalpur
Abstract: Everyone pray for a smooth, hurdle free ride in his/ her life, but ask a marketer he would love to have roadblocks in the lifecycle of his Product/ Brand. Nowadays roadblock advertising is an emerging strategy for marketers to launch/ re-launch their brand. Though it was first used by a small fire extinguisher making company in 1994 but the real use of roadblock advertising is increasing from 2008-09 when Hutch turning in to Vodafone campaign and the vary famous Zoo-Zoo campaign during IPL-09. Since then it’s been used by many marketer to launch their brands like: AIRCEL, Volkswagon etc. and re- launch their brand (Vodafone) in the market. Previously it was understood that roadblock advertising are successful only in Television but this myth is broken by Volkswagon using The Times of India 16 pages to launch their Jetta, Pascat in the market, today Internet is emerging as a very good tool for advertising & roadblocks are blocking the advertising way on the internet as well through various social networking websites, etc.
Roadblock may refer to:
* Roadblock (barrier), a temporary installation set up to control or block traffic along a road * Raasta roko ("obstruct the road" in Hindi), a commonly practiced form of protest in India * Police roadblock, a roadblock operated to check traffic along a road

What is the jargon used to describe the manner in which your favorite channel on the idiot box is bombarded with ads after ads after used to explain the ads of the same auto brand plastered all across the first few pages of your daily newspaper? Is known as roadblock advertising. ROADBLOCK ADVERTISING: according to Wikipedia, a roadblock is a temporary installation set up to control or blocks traffic along a road. On commercial television, the term is used when an advertiser buys up all the advertising on a channel for a given length of time like a full day (vertical roadblock), or across a band of channels at a particular time, say an hour (horizontal roadblock), thus preventing any other advertiser from being present at those times. The vertical and horizontal roadblocks are explained later in the paper.

Roadblock advertising implies blocking a particular media vehicle (it could be a Television Network, a particular newspaper or magazine, a radio station or even a particular Internet Site) for a particular period of time to maximize the outreach and frequency of the communication message. Historical data however suggests that Roadblock advertising is mostly used on TV. The very first roadblock to be attempted on Indian television was way back in 1994 when a small fire extinguisher making company decided to use 9 different commercials to launch its diversification into keepfresh kitchenware. A creative indulgence that a smart media planner chose to capitalise upon by acquiring the telecast rights of a full-length feature film and airing only these commercials in every break, so that the viewer got the whole message about the range at one go. That roadblock worked magic for the media planner’s reputation but did nothing for the sales of the brand. Every Brand needs a strategy, in order to win results. 

It wasn’t until the fall of 2007 that the roadblock re-appeared with a big bang. Vodafone reportedly spent upwards of Rs 10 crore to announce its name change to the world, using a range of short and long commercials exclusively in all breaks, both vertically and horizontally. 

The jury is still out on whether the exercise was an overkill or not, and whether it really required all that money, especially when an arguably more effective way would have been to welcome every subscriber to the new service with a simple and free SMS, which purportedly the company did not do! Axis Bank changed its name around the same time as Vodafone did, using a more extensive and ‘normal’ media and scheduling strategy. As...

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