Role of Ethics in Advertising

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Ethics can be defined as the moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior. Code of Ethics
A code of ethics is used by companies, professional organizations and individuals. It contains some rules and principles which help them in making decision between right and wrong. For example, codes for individuals are * Respect for another’s property

* Refraining from violence against another
* Treating others with civility
Advertising attract us in a lot of ways. It is a form of non-personal and paid form of communication for goods, services and ideas by the identified sponsor. It is always strategic in character. Ethics in Advertising

The Second National Council declared
“If the media are to be correctly employed, it is essential that all who use them know the principles of the moral order and apply them faithfully in this domain” Ethics are very important in advertising. Ethics can be defined as “A set of well defined principles which govern the ways of communication taking place between the seller and the buyer” Now a day’s advertisers are unaware of the importance of ethics in advertising. They do not know the ethical rules and principles and that’s why they are unable to decide between right and wrong. What is an Ethical Ad?

“An ethical ad is the one which does not lie, does not make any fake or false claims and is in the limit of decency” Now a day’s advertisers only focus on their sales, they just want to attract customers and increase their sales. They present their ad in a way that people starts thinking that this is the best product as compared to others. They present their product in an ad very beautifully but most of them are found to be fake, false, misleading customers and unethical. What is Unethical Advertising?

Advertising is Unethical
* When it has degraded or underestimated the substitute or rival product * When it gives false or misleading information
* When it fails to give useful...

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