Role of Women in Advertising

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March 15, 2010

Department of Marketing.
University of Dhaka,

Subject: Term Paper submission on Role of Women in Advertisement.

Dear Sir:

I’m very happy to submit this report about the rope of women in advertisement. Firstly, I have gone through the paper that you have provided us for helping to prepare the term paper. Thank you very much as it helped us to get a clear view overall the task. Secondly, to gather the information I have used local magazine and internet as a source of information.

I’ve tried to fulfill your requirements but I don’t know how far I accomplished. However, I tried to give my best effort in this report and I wish this report will satisfy you. I’m really grateful to you because you gave us the guidelines. If you need any certification then I will be available to serve you the information.

Sincerely Yours,

Muhammad Razib Hasan

Sl.NoTopicsPage Remark
2Origin of the Report3
3Objectives of the Report3
4Source of Information3
6Executive Summary5-6
Description Started
8The Global Perspective8-11
9Real Image12-18
10Is the image improving?19-27
11Application of KPI in BanglaCAT28-33
12Reference 34

Origin of The Report
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a core course of Evening MBA program. There are some subjects which are essential for job life especially for managers. IMC is such a subject which has application and practiced in all the marketing of a product or service. This report is prepared by , Muhammad Razib Hasan, student ID # 4050-7022 in response to the assignment Dr. MD. ANWARUL ISLAM, the honorable course instructor and professor, Marketing Department, University of Dhaka.

2. Objectives of Report
There are basically two objectives to prepare a report, one is Primary & another is Secondary. The primary objective is to observe role of women in advertisement Secondary objective is to prepare this report to fulfill course requirements of integrated Marketing Communication

3. Source of Information
To prepare this report we prefer to use secondary sources of information. The primary source of information is the data sheet provided by honorable course instructor Dr. MD. ANWARUL ISLAM, professor, Marketing Department, University of Dhaka. The secondary information source is different internet sites from Bangladesh and global sites. 4. Limitation

There may some limitations behind this report. These are – Those information, which have been taken from internet are based on data provided by different author and researcher. The data that have been received are from different angle according to their perspective. So, there may be different view from different reader in practical.


The connections between advertising and the woman have a long tradition in any cultural historiography. Writers and cultural observers as far back as John Dos Passos in his novel Manhattan Transfer have linked the modern female identity and the burgeoning advertising industry as mirrors of each other. For men who find the modern woman to be distastefully shallow they can, dismiss her as a freakish creation of the advertising industry. For many feminists, frequently in response to allegations of feminine narrow-minded consumerism, the advertising industry is merely the main vehicle for the perpetuation of male sexism in the modern world. Either way advertising comes across as a negative influence. Advertising is a cultural force began to get a much deserved reappraisal. As the key element to consumer culture, advertising was reassessed along with consumerism in general as a powerful democratizing influence: instead of leading...

References: 1. 'Magical Shadows: Women in the Bangladesh Media ' (AH Development Publishing House, 2008), Mrs. Anwara Begum
2. Dream girls: women in advertising - advertising history USA Today
(Society for the Advancement of Education), Jan, 1997 by Jan Kurtz
3. Bangladesh - Media Marketing of Beauty & Female Stereotypes By Hana
Shams Ahmed
4. Highlight women 's positive role, speakers urge mass media by Mr. Tarun
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