Role of a Stakeholder

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A role of a Stakeholder

Shavon Marie Zalduondo

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A role of a Stakeholder

Stakeholders are people who will be affected by a company effort but is not involved with doing any of the work. The stakeholders in a company would be employees, the community, shareholders, creditors, investors, and customers. These people are each affected by the choices of a company should make but do not have anything to do with the work. For example I work at Old Navy and they recently did a remodel of our store. While we were under construction we stayed open. The bathrooms were not working and all of our merchandise was all over the place. This was a nuisance to not only the customers but for the employees as well. According to "Business Dictionary" (2011),” Not all stakeholders are equal. A company’s customers

are entitled to fair trading practices but they are not entitled to the same consideration as the company's employees. An example of a negative impact on stakeholders is when a company needs to cut costs and plans a round of layoffs. This negatively affects the community of workers in the area and therefore the local economy. Someone owning shares in a business such as Microsoft is positively affected, for example, when the company releases a new device and sees their profit and therefore stock price rise. See also corporate governance.”


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