Rural Advertising

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In India, the advertising is mostly in English or Hindi. As rural markets widenbeyond the English-and-Hindi knowing people, there are problems of translationinto the vernaculars. Good translations are seldom easy; and there is often theneed for thinking out the advertising concepts and the brand image in the locallanguage itself. This is a problem for local copywriters to conceptualize in thevernacular, where necessary. Advertising in the local language in the absence ofshortage of professionals, makes success of rural advertising campaigns difficult.It is a general assumption of advertising theory that advertising helps to createdemand. It may be worth saying to what extent advertising creates demand,particularly in our rural society, which is in transition from traditional to modernityand to what extent it helps only to accelerate demand after the social andenvironmental changes have taken place. The basic trends for demand ofproducts are determined primarily by prevailing social and environmentalconditions.Advertising itself serves not so much to increase the demand for a product as tospeed up the expansion of demand that may come up from favourable conditionsand to retard advances due to unfavourable conditions. Most rural marketerstreat this as an almost insoluble problem, because other factors also stimulatedemand for e.g. price cuts, quality changes and increasing real incomes.‘We divert some resources from advertising to market research even at the riskof under advertising in rural areas’This is essential because the basic marketing problem is the absence ofelementary market research data individual rural areas. Individual fact, we do notknow where we are going. Over planning leads to over-capitalization, from whichit is very had to retreat. The five-year plans have been a classic exercise
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