Sex in Advertising

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Ethics in Advertising

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Advertising in China
Using Sex to advertise is a marketing trick that lets companies play on peoples emotions in order to sell a product. There are many different ways that in which advertising can be used to influence people. Canada and China both have very different approaches both culturally and commercial in how they deal with these companies. In this paper we will discuss how sex in Advertising changes between different cultural viewpoints. We will discuss both the Chinese and Canadian side, along with the impact on Parents and their children. China is a very conservative country because of the cultural and political history. , Canada’s culture is a more open and everything presented, as advertisements are more acceptable by the Canadian public.

Children in China and Canada grow up in very different cultural environments. First, there is the children’s point view about Sex Advertising in the culture of China. China is much more conservative country then Canada. Parents do not want their children exposed too early to sexuality because of the high level if competition in the education sector. They believe if their children do not study hard, they will be unable to get jobs or go to a good university. For example: The schools view on students’ dating in their teens. If Chinese Students in their senior year are found to be dating, the school will call their parents and arrange a meeting to talk about the seriousness of the issue, even their student is over 18. In addition, the most important thing for Chinese students to do is STUDY. Nothing is deemed more important then grades. During the summer holiday and winter holiday the students will attend extra courses in order to gain an advantage over their peers. So, being a students in China, the only thing that they are told to do is focuses on school work. Therefore, they have no time to or think about the issue of overuse and misuse of Sexual Advertisements in China. There appears to be a problem of Sexual Advertising in China. Many parents worry about their children so, there are many families who do not let children watch TV during prime time. Sexual advertisements are starting to be regulated and only allowed in bars in some parts of China. This is unlike Canada where it can be seen almost everywhere. Children’s point view: the first 18 years of their life, they are completely focused on their studies and almost all of their experiences and knowledge comes from books. Even though, they gain the ability to achieve good grades, they don’t get to enjoy the free time and leisure activities that many of their western counterparts participate in. Therefore, a special term is used to describe this type of the children, called “High scores and low abilities”.

On the other hand, Canadian children grew up in a completely different environment where they can try and focuses on other things beside school. Taking interest in the experience of their daily lives. Canadian parents enable their children experience many different things when they are young. For example; when teens have boyfriends or girlfriends their parents will congratulate their children and respect the fact that they found love. When children are young, they are able to go out and work part time at a job; when their children have problems, they will not come to their rescue but help them find a way to deal with it. Therefore, the Sex in Advertising is not a good experience during teenage years, but the culture in Canada allows the parents to think that their children will eventually gain enough maturity to deal with the sexual situations in future. It is not a bad thing to learn about sex and it’s consequences earlier. Being an international Chinese students looking for...

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