sexism in advertising

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Sexism in Advertising
In the earlier 1900’s career opportunities were limited for women, and so now that things have changed and being a career women has become more mainstream, so now using women as sex symbols has naturally followed in advertising. In the past two decades, advertising methods have become more and more controversial on how to catch the consumer’s attention. In “Common Culture,” it states that the average American is exposed to about 500 ads daily. It seems like everywhere you turn there is some sort of advertisement. It could be on TV, billboards, radio, bus stops, direct mail and even on your phone. It’s astonishing on how much we as people, are getting sucked into this every day without even trying to acknowledging it.

Just last semester, I took a class in Diversity and Social Justice. We had to watch a video called “Killing Us Softly 4.” That video was such an eye opener for women and is very powerful. The speaker named Jean Kilbourne lectures in the video on how women in today’s society are being portrayed. After forty years of doing research on this, she has said it has actually gotten worse, ads more than products. Advertisers surround us with ideal female beauty. We learn at an early age that we must spend hours on end doing our make-up and trying to look like that exact women on the cover of the magazine, and if we don’t somewhat achieve that look then we as women feel like we have failed. She also argues that advertisements in the today’s media degrade women and reinforce stereotypes.

Every women would love to look like the gorgeous woman on the cover of the magazine, I mean who wouldn’t? If you really look, the woman on the magazine is always flawless, she doesn’t have any wrinkles, she has no scars or blemishes. The funny thing is, no one can actually achieve this look. It’s amazing how much Photoshop can transform someone into something they are not. Mainstream women’s magazine boosts tons of subscribers every year and...

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