Share Price Movement Analysis

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1. Introduction
The London Stock Exchange lists the FTSE 100 which is a share index of stocks of 100 companies showing the highest market capitalisation. This will be completed by discussing the movement of the company’s share during the time period. The companies will also be compared to the movement of the shares against each other, against FTSE 100 and against its industry sector. The records and comparisons will be all in context of Stock Market Efficiency. Stock Market allows a company to be aware of the trade with shares and finance which is at an agreeable price. Two of the companies chosen to record and compare the share price movement between the 24th September 2012 and 26th October 2012 are Tesco from group B and HSBC from group F 1. Tesco and HSBC

HSBC which stands for The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited was founded in March 1865. The first branch was opened in the UK at Birmingham in 1836. It has established over the years and the branches are now located worldwide ( Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in the year 1919 which has grown over the years and has been running in many countries. In 1947 the Tesco stores share price on the London Stock exchange was just 25 pence. Whereas now the current share is price is 316.15 pence which is an increase of 219.15 pence (

2.1 Movement of shares between 24th September 2012 and 26th October 2012...

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