Should advertising influence people by giving information?

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Should advertising influence people by giving information?

Discursive Essay
Final draft

Kosherbek Azamat, ID 20120676

Academic Reading and Writing GEN 1120

Instructor (Gulnar Zagitova)

26 September 2012

Discursive Essay Outline
Student’s name: Azamat Kosherbek Essay question: Should advertising influence people by giving information? I.Introduction
Thesis statement:
Although, some advertisements have negative effects, they have more useful information for consumers. II. Body
A. Advertising is good, because it is effective for many consumers. 1. time-saving
2. easy to explain
3. more informative
B. Advertising is good, because it helps people to stop bad habit. 1. be useful
2. live a normal life
3. do good deeds
C. Advertising is harmful, because it manipulates people. 1. is not useful to life
2. use subliminal messages
3. brainwashes consumers
III. Conclusion
Even if advertising has negative effects, it will be necessary for consumers because it is useful now and it will be in the future.

Few centuries ago many organizations had and have competition between each other till now. They were trying to be the best in the world and they made advertisings by creating funny pictures and images. Advertisement a way of persuading consumers to buy or to do some unimportant things those are not helpful or useful for their life. And in the last times it is helping adolescents to stop having bad habits. On the other hand, by saying of experts it is not useful and it manipulate people by brainwashing. Although, some advertisements have negative effects, they suggest more useful information for consumers.

Advertising is good because it is effective for many consumers. Now we have a lot of busy people in our country who really do not have enough time to read news papers or see TVs, and to think about what advertisement means and it is hard to make solutions. But now in the country we have many advertising agencies which hung posters in all possible places to attend people`s attention. Firstly, it has a positive effect for consumers because advertisement can save a lot of time of consumers. For example, Almaty city it is a one of the biggest cities in the world which have too many consumers and most of them, about 60-70 percents are workers, businessmen, teachers, etc. They work six days in a week without breaks and which shows again the greatness of Almaty city. They work days and nights and they spend most of the time on the road, because in Almaty there are too many cars that may be the cause of traffic congestion on the roads. When there is no traffic jams people do not notice the advertisements because their attention focused on the road. While people are on traffic congestions they can see many different advertisements that could be useful for everybody on that time. It shows that all kinds of agencies have to hung advertisement posters everywhere, because it could be helpful for consumers at every time. Secondly, advertisers write their offers shortly and it makes advertisements more understandable than advertisements on TVs. Because advertising agencies know that nowadays people prefer more short and easy to understand advertisements, because on TVs advertisements are too long and it takes time of consumers who are so interested and they are trying to keep up with consumers. All advertisements were written briefly and clearly for any kinds of consumers and it is effective and saves more money than on TV. And it is easy to remember the address or the phone number of company or you can just write the information on your mobile phone. By developing country advertisements are developing, too. It means this “wherever you may be, there are always advertisements”. Thirdly, advertisements contain a lot of information that can help people to make a...
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