sine curve

Topics: Stock market, Wave, Phase Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: December 10, 2013
Stock Market Model
(Sine Curve)

Sine curve is a technique used in everyday life. Whether it be from sound waves, to electrical curves, or light waves, sine curve is all around us. One place that is hugely affected by sine curve is the STOCK MARKET. The stock market is where “ publicly held companies are issued or traded through either exchanged or over-the-counter market”( The purpose of using sine curve is to show whether or not the market is a cycle mode or a trend mode. The cycle mode occurs when sine plot is used to track if the outcome of the market is shown in a “sine-like” curve or has a consistant pattern. The stock market is said to be in trend mode if the plot is in a “wandering” state in which the stock market can not be predicted. “The key to any scientific advances is to be able to explain the complex visible by some simple invisible” -Noble Laureate Jean Perrin Jean Perrin’s quote synthesizes the importance of being able to take, what seems to be, a complex technique, using it to create something technological, then being able to re-interpret your creation in a simple way in order to create new technology for easier human understanding. The next time you or someone you know is considering investing in any company or organization, notice the sine curve of the stock market data. If the right period is at a high amplitude, it’s a pretty good chance that you’d be making a good investment
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