social media as an advertising medium

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Is facebook and other social media suitable advertising measures for companies today?

Over the past few years our economy has not fared so well. Businesses had to devise plans to keep customers and attract new customers, whichever way possible. Companies had to come up with better ways of advertising, and by keeping up with the global trends, they realized that technology has evolved so much that many people spend most of the time at a computer or are on their cellphones. The companies resorted to advertising with famous social medias such a facebook. However, what is cause for concern for these companies is the fact that they do not know how to advertise without being intrusive, or breaking privacy rules. According to IDC 3 in 5 individuals actually clicked on the advert while using facebook , and less than 11 percent actually purchased the items advertised on facebook. Developing new customers strategies through social media is futile. There are many factors that influence the customers mind such as their attitude. consumers attitude towards a product may influence their comments on facebook pages or groups a company puts up. . For example, attitude toward the website is a good indicator of consumers' reception of the site's content. That is, consumers are more likely to rely on the website's content as a source of information when they have favourable attitudes toward the site (Poh and Adam 2002). An individual’s attitude towards facebook for example is positive which leads to the individuals creation and consumption of the information that she is provided with for example if the consumer has a positive attitude she/he would allow them to join product groups and spread the word about the product or even purchase the product. Hence it is vital for companies to analyse facebook users attitudes toward social media.

Problem statement.
McConnell believes that advertising on facebook is a waste of time, because not everybody cares...
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