Sociology Essay

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Religion Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Using Material from Item A and Elsewhere, Assess the Relationship Between Gender and Religion This statement claims there is a definite relationship between gender and religion however some sociologists would disagree and claim there isn’t a relationship between the two. Also, the claim doesn’t state if the relationship provides equalities or inequalities for men and women in religion. One of the primary ways gender oppresses women is through the main move from God being portrayed as male. This was because until the Bronze Age, the majority of religions worshipped both male and female gods and originally God was never labelled in a specific gender and was just respected for being God. Holm claimed that the male God transition was the main origin of gender inequality for modern religions. However, when the move to a male God occurred, so did the way men and women perceived God. For example, according to Davie, women viewed God as omnibenevolent whereas men viewed God as omnipotent. This will therefore affect the expectations men and women have over God. Another reason for inequality in religion is menstruation. For example in Hinduism, women are forbidden to go near family shrines during menstruation and pregnancy. Also, in Islamic practises women aren’t allowed to touch the Qur’an. However, Hindus and Muslims would argue that women are allowed to go in family shrines and they are allowed to touch the Qur’an except from during menstruation and they aren’t banned completely. They would argue that they are only not allowed because menstruation makes women unclean and it would pollute holy places which is disrespectful to their God. Distraction can also be a link between gender and religion. This is because some men claim that the presence of a woman distracts them from fulfilling their important roles involving worship. This means that, for example in a Muslim faith, women and men have to pray in separate rooms. On the other hand, feminists would argue that if...
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