Sony: Advertising and Product

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Sony Corporation|
Native name| ソニー株式会社|
Type| Public|
Traded as| TYO: 6758
Industry| Conglomerate|
Founded| 7 May 1946[1]|
Founder(s)| Masaru Ibuka
Akio Morita|
Headquarters| Minato, Tokyo, Japan|
Area served| Worldwide|
Key people| Sir Howard Stringer
(Chairman of the Board)
Kazuo Hirai
(President & CEO)|
Products| Consumer electronics
Video games
Computer hardware
Telecom equipment|
Services| Financial services, insurance, banking, credit finance and advertising agency| Revenue|  US$ 79.186 billion (2012)[2]|
Operating income|  US$ -0.820 billion (2012)[2]|
Net income|  US$ -5.569 billion (2012)[2]|
Total assets|  US$ 162.142 billion (2012)[2]|
Total equity|  US$ 30.36 billion (2012)[2]|
Employees| 162,700 (2012)[3]|
Subsidiaries| List of subsidiaries|

Brand awareness
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Brand Awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product. Expressed usually as a percentage of target market, brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising in the early months or years of a product's introduction.[1] Brand awareness is the extent to which the consumer associates the brand with the product he desires to buy. It is the brand recall and the brand recognition of the company to the consumers. Brand recall is the ability of the consumer to recollect the brand with reference to the product where as brand recognition is the potential of the consumer to retrieve the past knowledge of the brand when enquired about the brand or shown an image of the brand logo. Brand awareness is an essential part of brand development which helps the brand to stand out from the others in this monopolistically competitive market. A brand name that is well known to the great majority of households is also called a household name. -------------------------------------------------

Importance [edit]
"Awareness, attitudes, and usage (AAU) metrics relate closely to what has been called the Hierarchy of Effects, an assumption that customers progress through sequential stages from lack of awareness, through initial purchase of a product, to brand loyalty." In total, these AAU metrics allow companies to track trends in customer knowledge and attitudes.[2] Brand awareness plays a major role in a consumer’s buying decision process. The knowledge of an acquaintance or friend having used the product in the past or a high recognition of the product through constant advertisements and associations coaxes the person to make his decision in the favour of the brand. The eventual goal of most businesses is to make profits and increase sales. Businesses intend to increase their consumer pool and encourage repeat purchases. Apple is a brilliant example of how there is a very high recognition of the brand logo and high anticipation of a new product being released by the company. An iPod is the first thing that pops into our minds when we think of purchasing an mp3 player. iPod is used as a replaceable noun to describe an mp3 player. Finally, high brand awareness about a product suggests that the brand is easily recognizable and accepted by the market in a way that the brand is differentiated from similar products and other competitors. Brand building also helps in improving brand loyalty. -------------------------------------------------

Types of Brand Awareness [edit]
Aided Awareness- This type of awareness is generated in a consumer. When asked about a product category, if the consumer is aided with a list of company names and he recognizes the company from the given set it is categorized as aided awareness. Top of the mind Awareness- When the name of the company is automatically recollected because the consumer very promptly associates the brand with...
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