Specific Evaluative Advertising

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Worksheet #2 (chapter 7)

1. Focus groups are one of the advertising researcher’s most versatile tools. Describe the basic features of focus group research that could lead to inappropriate generalizations about the preferences of the target audience.

It is inappropriate for gathering quantitative data because the six to twelve chosen respondents in the focus group may or may not represent the population from which they are drawn. Focus group members also feel empowered and privileged; they will sometimes give the moderator all sorts of strange answers that may be more a function of trying to impress other group members than anything having to do with the product in question.

2. List the sources and uses of secondary data. What are the benefits of secondary data? What are the limitations?

Sources of secondary data are internal company sources, government sources, commercial sources, professional publications, and the Internet. Secondary data may be obtained with less time, effort and money. In addition, they may also be more pertinent to the situation at hand. Limitations would be the data is outdated, accuracy of the data is unknown, and the information may not be same, as we require.

3. Criteria for judging ad effectiveness include “getting it,” cognitive residue, knowledge, attitude change, feelings and emotions, physiological changes, and behavior. Identify specific evaluative advertising research methods that could be used to test an ad’s impact on any of these dimensions.

Specific evaluative advertising research methods would include a communications test, thought listings, recall tests, recognition tests, surveys, attitude studies, and so on. Communication tests seek to discover whether a message is communicating something close to what the advertiser desired. They are done in a group setting, with data coming from a combination of pen-and-paper...
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