Stock Exchange and Electronic Trading

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Project Report on
“Study of Online Trading at UNICON and Stock Broking”


Submitted in partial fulfillment of

Submitted By:
Pooja Shandilya


This is to certify that the project work done on “A Study of Online Trading at UNICON and Stock Broking” is an original work carried out by Ms. Pooja Shandilya under my supervision and guidance. The project report is submitted towards the partial fulfillment of two – year, full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Her performance, during the project was Satisfactory / Good/ Excellent.

Name & Sign of Industry Guide: Ms. Pooja Jain

Date: Name & Sign of Faculty: Pooja Jain

Student’s Name and Sign: Pooja Shandilya
Roll No. : FB11091


I would like to express my gratitude to all those who has given a valuable contribution for the successful completion of this project. I want to thank Mr. Gaurav Jain, AVP, UNICON for providing me an opportunity to undergo summer training at Unicon Investment Solutions. With the overwhelming sense of respect I would like to convey my gratitude to Miss Pooja Jain, Manager-Equity Advisory, UNICON for her inspiration, constructive suggestion and affectionate guidance in my work during the training period.

Pooja Shandilya


I hereby declare that the work which is being presented in this project work entitled “A Study of Online Trading at UNICON and Stock Broking” in the partial fulfillment of two – year, full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management at Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini Sec-5 is an authentic record of work carried out by me.

Pooja Shandilya


Any kind of learning is incomplete until it is practically applied in the concerned field. For management career, it is important to develop managerial skill. In order to achieve positive and concrete results, the exposure of real life situation existing in corporate world is very much needed along with theoretical concepts. To fulfill this need, practical training is required. The summer training is essential for the fulfillment of MBA curriculum; it provides an opportunity to the student to understand the industry with special emphasis on the development of skills in analyzing interpreting practical problems through application of management. I underwent two months summer training at Unicon Investment Solutions located in Karol Bagh Delhi. It was my fortune to get training in a very healthy atmosphere. I got ample opportunity to view the overall working of stock exchange. This project report is result of my 8 weeks summer training at Unicon as part of my PGDM. Subject of my project is study of online trading and stock broking at Unicon.

S.No.| Particulars| Page Number|
1| Research Methodology| 7|
2| Objectives Of The Study| 7|
3| Introduction Of The Organization| 9|
4| Product And Services Of Unicon | 12|
5| Literature Review| 21|
6| Securities Market In India: An Overview| 23|
7| Concept Of Share Trading| 28|
8| History Of Stock Market| 31|
9| Online Trading: Overview| 34|
10| Online Trading Products Of Unicon| 39|
11| Sales Report| 55|
12| Account Opening with Unicon| 57|
13| Brokerage Structure Of Unicon| 60|
14| Advanced Brokerage Plan| 61|
15| Analysis And Interpretation Of Results| 63|
16| Findings and Conclusion| 74|
17| Suggestion and Recommendations| 75|
18| Limitations| 76|
19| Questionnaire| 77|
20| Bibliography| 79|


A research process consists of stages that guide the project from its conception through the final analysis, recommendations and ultimate action. The research process provides a systematic, planned approach to the research project.

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