Stock Exchange of Thailand

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History of SET| 1|
Establishment of SET| 1|
Vision & Mission| 1|
Regulatory Framework of the Capital Market| 2|
Operations| 3|
Board of Governors| 3|
Management| 4|
SET’s Role| 5|
Corporate Governance Center| 6|
Products and Services| 6|
Revenue Structure| 12|
Financial Events that Affect SET| 12|
SET and the World Stock Exchange| 15|
SET and Asian Stock Exchanges| 16|
Comparison of SET, SGX and NYSE| 17|
Index Composition Comparison between SGX and SET| 18|
Stock Index Comparison| 18|
Future move of SETConclusion| 2022|

Stock Exchange of Thailand
History of the Stock Exchange of Thailand
The modern Thai Capital Market was started in 1961 when Thailand implemented its first five-year National Economic and Social Development Plan. It supports the promotion of economic growth and stability as well as develops the Kingdom's standard of living. After that, the Second National Economic and Social Development Plan (1967-1971) proposed to set up an orderly securities market in order to gather additional capital to support Thailand's industrialization and economic development. The modern Thai capital market can be divided into two phases, "The Bangkok Stock Exchange" which was privately owned and "The Securities Exchange of Thailand". The BSE finally ceased operations in the early 1970s because of a lack of official government support and a limited investor understanding of the equity market Establishment of the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Despite the failure of the BSE, the concept of an orderly security market had attracted a lot of Thai people attention. In 1969, as recommended by the World Bank, the government acquired the services of Professor Sidney M. Robbins from Columbia University to study the development channels of the Thai capital market. In 1972 the Government took a further step in this direction by improving the "Announcement of the Executive Council No. 58 on the Control of Commercial Undertakings Affecting Public Safety and Welfare". The changes were allowed Government to control more over the operations of finance and securities companies. After that, in 1974, "The Securities Exchange of Thailand" (SET) was enacted allowing the investment to save in the capital market. By 1975, the basic legislative framework was in place and the Securities Exchange of Thailand officially started trading. On January 1, 1991 its name was formally changed to "The Stock Exchange of Thailand" (SET). Vision

Empowering business and investors through our strengths to match the right financial opportunities Mission
Clients and Intermediaries
“Expand business issuers and investor base by satisfying their financial needs and strengthening intermediaries for mutual growth and success” Products and Services 
“Offer a wide range of attractive products and services to create value and match financial opportunities across different segments of business and investors” Operations 
“Operate with flawless execution according to international standards to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility and global connectivity” People and Culture 
“Inspire staff to perform up to their fullest potential and create a corporate culture that aims at achieving excellence in matching the right financial opportunities for business and investors” Regulatory Framework of the Capital Market

The Securities and Exchange Act of 1992 (SEA), specified the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the regulator of the Thai Capital Market. While the SEC oversees the development of the Kingdom's capital market, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) is responsible for the country's money market. Primary Market

The SEC looked over a company that wants to issue new securities, an initial public offering (IPO) or additional securities to the public. The company must first apply for SEC approval and comply with its filing requirements. Then, the SEC is required to...
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