Stock Market and New York Stock

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Today you're going to imagine that you invested $1,000 in a company one year ago and see how well your invest would be doing today. To begin, choose a company that you're familiar with and that seems like it might be a good investment — that is, a company that you think will have rising stock prices. Think about companies that you use or know are popular. Remember, not all companies are public companies. You'll need to check the New York Stock Exchange to find out if you can actually buy shares in this company.

Once you've settled on a company, find its stock price from one year ago and for today. Write a journal entry about your imagined investment. Answer the following questions as you write.

1. Why did you think buying this stock would be a good idea? I bought stock in apple I thought it would be a good idea because of all the media and technology apple releases yearly they are now the top cell phone providers in all of the U.S. also because of its increase in the future.

2. How much would you have made or lost on an investment of $1,000?

Hint: First find out how many shares you could've bought one year ago by dividing $1,000 by the price of the stock one year ago today. You may have to estimate the stock price from the graph. Round the number of shares to the nearest whole number. Then find out the current value of your shares by multiplying the number of shares you bought by the price of the stock today. Compare that to your initial investment of $1,000.

3. Could you have made more money by selling sooner?
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