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KCH e.V. - Universität Hohenheim
c/o Lehrstuhl 510F
70593 Stuttgart

Germany’s 1st Cross-Collegiate Stock Pitch Competition
-Instruction Manual for participating Students-

How to Pitch a Stock/Bond
(A recommendation how to…)

A) The Analysis
B) The Research
A) The Analysis:
1) State the name, ticker and price of the company. Key Financial Information should be presented in a table. Then give a brief company description. Also know how this stock has traded over the last year (use a stock price graph).


Note: Bonds will differ from equities in their relevant data! Key Financial Information
- Current share price and price target
- Shares Outstanding, Market Capitalization
- Revenue growth (EBIT), Net Debt, EV (Enterprise Value)
- EPS estimates and Price/Earnings Multiples


2) Give your opinion upfront: Buy or Sell (Hold is not allowed). State your entry price (buy or sell), your exit price (frame) and the timeframe for the investment.

3) Set up an investment thesis stating not more than four or five top investment merits in bullet form.

- Highlight the company’s key strengths (merits), point out weaknesses and opportunities
- Most of the investment merits should be company and not industry or macroeconomic specific; why is it a good company with an attractive valuation? - The investment merits should be preferably unique

- When highlighting these merits try to mention how your expectations differ from that of the commonality!


4) Discuss the industry – Form a basis for your decision

Helps to make you position clear:
- Market analysis,
- Environment analysis,
- Strategy development,
- etc.


5) Give your valuation argument. Use comparable Multiples (financial metrics/company valuations) and DCFs where appropriate.


Note: Bonds will differ from equities in their relevant data! Comparable Company Analysis / Relative Valuation
- Value of...
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