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Topics: Corporate finance, Finance, Risk management Pages: 8 (1409 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Introduction to Finance

Introduction to Finance includes the basic concepts of models of finance; the major thematic areas that will be included are time value of money, valuation of securities, risk and return, analysis of financial statements, cash flow statements and working capital.

Course Objectives:

This will be your first course in Finance the main objective of the course is get familiar with Finance the basics concepts and models that entail conventional finance. This will provide basis for future courses in the area of Finance, it will also enlighten you on financial aspects of business if you chose any other specialization.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to complete the following key tasks:

1. Have a good understanding of the major concepts and topics of finance; 2. Be able to apply these concepts;
3. And, most importantly, be able to think logically and systematically in financial terms.

The Role of Financial Management
The Business, Tax and Financial Environments

The Time Value of Money
The Valuation of Long-Term Securities
Risk and Return
Measuring Portfolio Risk

Tools of Financial Analysis and Planning
Financial Statement Analysis
Funds Analysis, Cash-Flow Analysis, and Financial Planning

Capital Budgeting
Capital Budgeting and Estimating Cash Flows .
Capital Budgeting Techniques
A Multiple Internal Rates of Return
Replacement Chain Analysis.

Text book:
Fundamentals of Finance by James C Van Horne and John M. Wachowicz

Reference Book:
Introduction to Finance by Lawrence J. Gitman and Jeff Madura FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

Course Description

Financial management is an intermediate course of Finance which focuses on application of Financial techniques in context of Organizations, the major thematic are Working capital, Capital Structure, Cost of Capital, Dividend Policy and Inventory and Securities Management.

Course Objective
This course would provide foundation for understanding financial decision-making and Valuation.

Be familiar with basic financial decision making and valuation concepts; Be able to evaluate different types of securities;
Have developed critical skills in analyzing risk in capital budgeting projects Understand the relation between risk and return, and be able to estimate the cost of capital Understand the relevant theory underlying a firm’s choice of capital structure and its working capital, inventory management.

Working capital Management
Cash and Marketable Securities Management
Inventory Management
Accounts Recievables / Credit Management
Risk and Managerial (Real) Options in Capital Budgeting Cost of Capital Creation of value
Overall cost of capital of firms
The CAPM: Project Specific and Group Specific Required Rates of Return Capital structure
Leverage Analysis, Theory and Analysis.
Operating and Financial Leverage
Dividend policy
Theory and Analysis.

Text Books:
• James C. Van Horne: Financial Management & Policy, Prentice Hall. • Weston & Brigham: Financial Management, The Dryden Press. • Gitman: Managerial Finance.
• Block & Heart: Foundation of Financial Management


Course Description
The course of corporate finance provides the basic understanding and application of financial tools in context of organizations. The major thematic areas that will covered in this are Acquiring Capital, Project valuations, Capital Structure theories and optimal capital Structure. Debt policy corporate restructuring and Merger and Acquisition

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course you should be able to

* Forecast and evaluate corporate cash flows
* Estimate the cost of capital for various projects
* Apply the multiples and discounted cash flow methods to value business; * Describe the different ways the firm distributes cash to shareholders, their motivation and effects on...
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