Summer Project for Mba on Sugar Factory

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As apart of MBA programme the student undergo implant training for 50 days. In any organization in functional area like marketing, finance, Human resource management, System, Production, etc The main aim of research is the orientation of student to industrial environment in which he will be working after completion of MBA course. The student got an opportunity to carry out summer implant training. I have selected finance field for summer project. The topic of the study at the organization is ‘RATIO ANALYSIS IN PANDURANG SUGAR FACTORY ,MALASHIRAS’. I got a opportunity to carry out summer implant training in Pandurang Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana which is related to manufacturing of sugar. I learnd about strengths and weaknesses of financial status of factory through the using tool of ratio analysis. It is necessary to create the awareness and importance of corporate base sugar factories. It can be done with the help of research and try to working of that people which is involved in it. Due to this project I know various financial aspects which uses by them and find out exact position of Pandurang Sugar Factory of Shreepur. The background of the sugar factories in India is very bad and they always bearing blame of political affairs. Not only have they bearing blamed of affairs but also financial affairs of these factories. Their system of getting finance and computing position of business, which is knowingly bad. I want to clear my doubt regarding their financial positions and clean behavior in to corporate world. This study will also helpful to sugar factories method of computing ratio in different areas. Financial aspect which very important in to life of every industry. This project will consider all financial aspect which will helpful to carryout project.


1.To know the efficiency in terms of financial position of the organization. 2.To know the profitability of the organization.
3.To study the capital structure of the organization.
4.To know the financial position of the organization.
5.To know the solvency position of the organization.
6.To take review on liquidity position of firm


1.To know overall profitability of the organization.
2.We know the operational efficiency of the organization.
3.With the ratio analysis, we know the liquidity position of the organization. 4.To examine working capital management.
5.To learn Ratio Analysis technique.


The scope of the study is confined to Shri Pandurang Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Shreepur, Malshiras only. It is dependent on the information collected in various departments and various financial statements of this organization.

Ratio analysis is very important in revealing the financial position and soundness of the business. But, in spite of its advantages, it has some limitations, which restrict its use. These limitations should be kept in mind financial statements. The following are the main limitations of accounting ratios

1.It is difficult to decide the proper basis for comparison of competitors. 2.The ratios are calculated from past financial statements so it will not Show the current position of the organization.

3.Variation in Accounting Methods.
4.No idea of probable happenings in future:
5.False results if based on incorrect accounting data


The information pertaining to theoretical frame work was taken from financial text books. The data required for analysis of the ratio pertaining to Shri Pandurang Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana is taken from the published annual reports since 2004 – 2009. For the purpose of practical knowledge discussion with executive of finance department has helped to understand in managing financial statements.

The aim of the study is to define the objective stated...

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