Summry & Response ( Propaganda Techniques in Today's Advertising)

Topics: Advertising, Propaganda, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: July 3, 2011
In her essay “Propaganda Techniques in Today's Advertising” Ann McClintock argues seven techniques of propaganda have been used a lot lately and its purpose is to make us believe the message regardless of its credibility. Advertisers either use name calling which is negative words connected with the opposing product or glittering generalities to describe the product in positive words. She points out, politicians use symbols to gain people’s attention which called transfer or they act as normal people to make us feel that they are close. And also, advertisers tend to use celebrities to advertise their products while sometimes they hide half of the truth, use pressure and mysterious words to make the product sounds better. The author states that because these techniques appeal to our emotions, not our minds; therefore, everyone should be aware of these techniques and of its use so we don’t let propagandists do our thinking for us.

Different advertisements have different objectives. Advertisements have many negative effects on children. Firstly, children can be easily influenced by a good advertisement which motivates the children to get this particular product being advertised. These ads encourage the kids to ask their parents to purchase them the product that shown in the advertisement without paying attention whether it is useful or not. Secondly, children usually get attached and attracted towards the costly branded products and overlook the good and inexpensive ones that are not shown in the commercials. For example, they usually want to but brands that celebrities wear in the commercial no matter how expensive these brands are. Thirdly, fast food restaurants advertisements on TV and other media contribute to the epidemic of obesity among children. Advertisers tend to promote these ads during children’s TV viewing time which will encourage the kids to eat junk food and will negatively affect their health. Finally, advertisements...
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