Topics: Corporate finance, Case study, Investment Pages: 15 (2108 words) Published: March 30, 2014

Course Materials:
Case Studies in Finance: Managing for
Corporate Value Creation, 7/e
Robert F. Bruner, Kenneth M. Eades,
Michael J. Schill, Darden School of Business,
University of Virginia
ISBN: 007786171x
Copyright year: 2014

Course Overview:
This course stresses the application of finance theory and methods to real business situations. Students will study problems of financial planning, capital structure, cost of capital, capital investment decisions, and corporate acquisitions.

Course Objectives:
Baccalaureate Competencies
Critical Thinking
Effective Communication
Knowledge Integration
Social Responsibility
The objective of this course is to provide the student the opportunity to hone their skills in corporate financial decision making through the use of case study analysis. Topics examined will include working capital management; cash budgeting and forecasting; short-term financing; long-term financing strategies and financial innovation; the cost of capital and capital budgeting; and mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and corporate control. Underlying themes include valuation, financial analysis, risk management and general management principles.

A great deal of emphasis will be placed upon analytical skills, the use of persuasive argument and communicating advice, decisions and action plans. Thus a significant portion of the evaluation will be based on class participation and the professional presentation of reports.

Performance Evaluation:
Cases (3 – 25%, 20%, and 20%.)


Your final grade for this class will be determined using the following scale: A























below 60

Dates and timeframes are not flexible – Extensions will not be given for reasons other than illness or injury (confirmed in writing by a physician) or immediate family tragedy (with appropriate documentation). Alternate arrangements will not be made to accommodate vacation plans or work schedules, to allow more time to study, conflicts with other courses, or because you have another test scheduled at a different time on the same day.

To be considered for an extension for any assignment, you must notify the Professor before the timeframe for completion has ended. Any notifications made after the timeframe for completion has ended will not be considered. Missed assignments will receive zero points.

Online Assignments:
Exercises will be available as indicated on the assignment sheet and in blackboard outline. Extensions will not be given for reasons other than illness or injury (confirmed in writing by a physician) or immediate family tragedy (with appropriate documentation). Exceptions will not be made to accommodate vacation plans, work schedules, or conflicts with other courses, Academic Integrity:

All students are expected to conform to the University’s Code of Conduct and honor the following pledge:
“On my honor I pledge that this work of mine does not violate the University of Cincinnati Student Code of Conduct provisions on cheating and plagiarism” Further information on the University Of Cincinnati Code Of Conduct can be found at

Preparation and Communication:
This course involves a lot of reading; you should read the assigned material in advance so you can fully understand the lectures and can participate in the discussion. Read “Note to the Student: How to Study and Discuss Cases”, Bruner pgs. xxv to xxxi.

General advice:
1- Make sure you understand the material after each topic is covered. If the point of some topics is not clear, ask questions in the Q&A Forum or call. 2 You are encouraged to supplement this textbook with any other sources of news or examples related to economics. Online resources are also available with each case; it is...
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