Szse or the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

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The multi-tier market system helps maximize market efficiency, facilitates risk control and sound development of the capital market. So far, China has developed a relatively complete multi-tier capital market, comprising SSE and SZSE Main Board markets, SME Board market, ChiNext market and OTC market.

SZSE or the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is a mutualized national stock exchange under the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), that provides a venue for securities trading. A broad spectrum of market participants, including 540 listed companies, 35 million registered investors and 177 exchange members, create the market. Here buying and selling orders are matched in a fair, open and orderly market, through an automated system to create the best possible prices based on price-time priority. Since its creation in 1990, the SZSE has blossomed into a market of great competitive edges in the country, with a market capitalization around RMB 1 trillion (US$ 122 billion). On a daily basis, around 600,000 deals, valued US$ 807 million, trade on the SZSE. Market trend

The SZSE’s relevant measures on innovative supervision, risk prevention and control. Under the current complicated market situation, many SMEs are facing operation pressures. At the same time, the national strategy puts more important missions on the multi-layer capital market during the 12th 5 years plan period and the market reform and development shows more complicate and arduous. The current situation of the SZSE, under the unified leadership of CSRC, will further hold strong confidence, constantly strengthen the market construction and internal management, vigorously push forward innovations on supervision, products and services, feasibly prevent systematical risks, curb the occurrence of major vicious events, and save no efforts to propel the sustained healthy development of multi-layer capital market. Objective

China is the fastest growing country with a high potential...
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