The affects of advertising on todays youth.

Topics: Gender, Advertising, Appeal to emotion Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: September 23, 2013

Advertising is a lucrative money making business, with large salaries for those who are successful in producing ads that are appealing to the product's target audience. This is particularly true for beer companies. The advertisements for alcohol very often target young teens and adults. It is estimated that high school aged children will have viewed approximately 2000 alcohol related ads on television alone, by the time they graduate.

Bud Light proclaims, "Proud to be your beer of choice." This statement is boldly stated across a Bud Light print ad. It features a young, attractive group. They are comfortably sitting together on a trendy looking couch that appears to be in a nightclub of some sort. There is an array of personality types and clothing styles. The group is relaxed, smiling and obviously enjoying one anothers company. There is a rainbow banner and the statement, "Be Yourself." A blue neon flash encircles the group, an apparent sign of unity. By using ethical appeals, they help the consumer to justify their choice to drink. Most heavily they rely on emotional appeals to influence the consumer into wanting the particular product.

There is often an attempt to make a logical appeal to the consumer as well; if it makes sense, then its acceptable to purchase. So in one single advertisement they are attempting to make one feel that their product is the smart choice. The choice that will feel good. The socially acceptable choice. These advertisements have proven to be effective and have increased 38% between 2003 and 2007, with over 19,000 alcohol related ads placed in national magazines during this time frame alone. The "Be Yourself " print advertisement from Bud Light targets young adults. It attempts to allure them into making Bud Light their drink of choice; by using ones desire to be socially accepted for who they are. The ad uses the logical, emotional, and ethical appeals to accomplish the mission.

Advertisers must find it...
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