The Aquarius Advertising Agency

Topics: Organizational structure, Structure, Advertising Pages: 4 (1395 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Tyler Petterson
Professor Watterson
Due Date: October 9th
Case Study Analysis

Case Study: The Aquarius Advertising Agency
Problem Solving/ Situation Analysis
Organizations struggle daily with organizational problems that occur in the work force. From reengineering to developing a new structure, some organizations go through it almost daily to try and iron out so flaws in their design to make sure they get the maximum production and maximum efficiency. For instance this advertising company Aquarius Advertising Agency is having a big problem with their structure. The main issue in this case is the need for reorganization and reengineering of the structure of the company.   The hierarchal schema and lack of horizontal cooperation has caused the company personnel to have conflicts with each other and thus their business is suffering.   Aquarius Advertising needs a structural framework that encourages employees to engage in horizontal information sharing. The reason why this is happening to Aquarius Advertising Agency is apparent in the working relationships of the employees at Aquarius. The account executives are frustrated with the specialists because they are going around them instead of through them to make decisions for the clients. It is apparent that structure of the organization is wrong for this company because too many problems are occurring and the clients are suffering. If the personnel changed at Aquarius the problems would remain because of the structure of the organization this is one indication that the framework needs modification. Another reason that the structure needs to change is because of the rapid turnover of accounts and the inability of Aquarius to efficiently respond to these changes. However the most significant reason and cause for the main issue in this case is the conflict between the different units in the organization. Without cooperation and better communication the company may fail and the structural framework and...
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