The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited

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|The Companies Act, 1956 | |Company Limited by Shares | |Memorandum of Association | |Of | |The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited |

|I | |The name of the Company is “ THE CALCUTTA STOCK EXCHANGE ASSOCIATION LIMITED” | | | | | |II | |The Registered Office of the company will be situated in West Bengal. | |III | |The Objects for which the company is established are :- | |A | |MAIN OBJECTS | | |1 |To facilitate, promote, assist, regulate and manage in the public interest, dealings in securities of all kinds [ which shall include| | | |all securities defined as such under the Securities Contracts (Regulations) Act, 1956 and all other instruments of any kind including| | | |money market instruments] and to provide specialised, advanced, automated and modern facilities for trading, clearing and settlement | | | |of securities, with a high standard of integrity and honour, and to ensure trading in a transparent, fair and open manner with access| | | |to investors from areas in or outside India. | | |2 |To initiate, facilitate and undertake all steps of all such activities in relation to Stock Exchange, Commodity Markets, Money | | | |Markets, Financial Markets, Securities Markets, Capital Markets, as are required for better investor’s service and protection, | | | |including but not limited to; taking measures for ensuring greater liquidity (both in terms of breadth and depth of securities) for | | | |the investor, providing easier access to the Exchange, facilitating inter-market dealings and generally to facilitate transactions in| | | |securities in a cost effective, expeditious and efficient manner. | | |3 |To support, develop, promote and maintain a healthy market in the best interests of the investor and the general public and the | | | |economy and to introduce high standards of professionalism among themselves and with investors and the financial securities, | | | |commodity, money and capital markets in general. | |B | |THE OBJECTS INCIDENTAL OR ANCILLARY TO THE ATTAINMENT OF THE MAIN OBJECTS ARE :- | | |4 |To carry on business as a self regulatory organization. | | |5 |To form and operate one or more segments, which may include cash segments, derivatives segments, Commodity...
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