The Dangers of Controversial Television Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Infomercial, Television Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: November 19, 2006
Jennifer Barnhart
Kirk Miller
Comm 110
April 6th, 2006
The dangers of controversial television advertising
"I do not care if I show your child something that you would not want them to see". This seems to be what some television advertising agencies are saying to us these days. We live in a society that seems to be progressing at a rate so fast that some parents wish technology would slow down. Television is a main source of entertainment for children and adults in this day and age. With so many people viewing, advertisers are trying to capitalize on every target they can. What some parents work so hard to shield their children from; seem to be thrown in our faces by ruthless television advertisers during every commercial. Controversial television advertising affects our needs, wishes, moral standards and values. As consumers, we are not asked what suitable viewing material for ourselves and our children is. The advertising that is on television is monitored by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC has been in effect since 1927 to try and protect children against indecent material. Although any help is better than no help, the FCC only monitors sexual content and swear words. There is still a vast array of advertising and programming that includes violence and attacks on our religious and moral values that is not regulated. While technology seems to be working against us in some cases, there is also new technology geared towards helping family's filter material that is unwanted in their homes. Satellite and cable televisions now come with the capability to screen out certain channels. Every new television set sold in America since 2000 is equipped with a "V-chip", a blocking device that Bill Clinton forced on the media industry in 1996. (The Economist, December 16th, 2004). Since the FCC does not regulate any offensive material other than sexual behavior and cursing, the V-chip is the only way to block inappropriate material from coming...
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