The Economic of Happiness Analysis

Topics: Economics, Globalization, Africa Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: October 14, 2014

Topic 1: The economics of happiness
The movement of economic globalization is significantly turning into a massive expansion in the scale of big business and enterprise; following by the deterioration of nearly every problem we have to face up with: ethnic and fundamentalism conflict; ecological and environmental friction; financial instability and unemployment. The Economics of Happiness clearly describes these movements and the conceptions within on the perspectives of both opposing sides of society. To be analyzed, the ideas of The Economics of Happiness gave me the clearer understanding on the rapid rational spread of economic globalization on both sides of perspectives. The first discussed view point focused on the case study of Tibet, further describes about the promotion of globalization and the consolidation of corporate power, which is step by step re-regulate the finance, trade and more over for a different future of society. As consequence, globalization’s movement resulted in society by aspect to aspect: cultural self-rejection, natural resources wastefully usage, climate change acceleration, competition and divisiveness, etc. Above all, I can learn from them the better definition of economic globalization, and moreover, the inconvenient side of globalization’s consequences. Secondly, the movie presents me the inspiration, and also, the potential and practical solution for the recent wide-spread dilemmas. The mentioned point put the discussion on economic localization arguing that it would be the potential solution for the recent problems. Hence, localization brings the benefit of restoration of biological diversity, local economies and enlarging local food movement in the scale of worldwide. Additionally and initiatively, there are movements of community that lead this solution forward. In conclusion, after watching The Economics of Happiness, I can understand more about the globalized economy, moreover on its ramifications unto the ecological...
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