The Function of Education

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The Function of Education

Since the beginning of written history and perhaps even longer, societies have placed emphasis on some form of education. While this focus might not contain the necessary recourses and institutions, education has always been seen as a central theme for a higher standard of living. However, a society is never stationary; it is progressive and dynamic and the standards of education must reflect this in order to better the society as a whole. Since newborn infants are born uneducated and unaware of the norms and constructs of the society they are born into, it is the role of society and the education available to teach them in a manor that directly reflects the values and goals of the society. Some learn these skills with more facility than others, and so education also serves as a social-sorting mechanism and undoubtedly has enormous impact on the economic fate of the individual.[i] The role of proper education equips the individual with the skills and knowledge necessary to define and pursue their own goals and ambitions, but also to improve and build on the society to which they belong. Change to that of education as a progressive whole. In that education keeps society moving.

Knowledge and the institution of education are the basis for all continued progress and societal growth throughout the history of mankind. Through education, the continued trial-and-error process we call society has been shifted through generations and eras. This process is carried out by the proper use of education to benefit not only individual but the society as a whole. As a young child, you are socialized into roles and behaviors which fulfill the needs of society. This is continued throughout your early years until you are developed into a fully integrated member of society. In John Dewey’s Democracy and Education (1916), Dewey describes education for youth’s importance in the following;

In directing the activities of the young, society...
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