The impact of advertising

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To what extent do promotional strategies in supermarkets affect the buying behaviour of students in Glasgow? Introduction
With the rapid expansion of supermarkets, the competition within this industry has become more intense. In order to neutralise this competition, supermarkets nowadays have offered a series of promotional strategies to keep consumers’ interest and increase turnover (Keillo and David, 2007: 165; Sun, 2005: 430). Advertisements, sales promotions, personal selling and publicity are four general categories of promotional strategy (Peter and Olson, 2010: 414; Pilbeam et al., 2008: 54). However, since personal selling rarely exists in the supermarkets and it is difficult to measure the efficacy of publicity, in this literature review, only advertisement and sales promotions will be discussed. Current studies have mainly focussed on the association between promotional strategies and consumer behaviour. In contrast, little is known about students’ buying patterns, even though the purchasing power of students can be potentially substantial. In order to explore students’ buying patterns towards promotional strategies in supermarkets, this literature review will examine general theory of customer behaviour. The reason for prioritising promotional strategies will be discussed first, and then purchasers’ buying behaviour in the supermarket will be explored. Why supermarkets prioritise certain promotional strategies

Coupons, direct price deductions and advertisements are promotional strategies with high ubiquity in supermarkets. Extant literature shows that as the most accepted promotion for both supermarkets and customers, coupons have a significant influence in the market and suits almost 75 per cent of all products (Jackson, 2002 cited in Chung, 2007: 24). Despite its popularity, Shaffer and Zhang (1995:395) argued that although distributing coupons can bring consumers into stores, supermarkets only distribute coupons on a limited...
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