The Importance of Local Television Advertising

Topics: Marketing, Infomercial, Television advertisement Pages: 1 (441 words) Published: September 13, 2014
The importance of local television advertising Document Transcript The Importance of Local Television Advertising - Superiormarketinggroup.bizThere is a lot more involved in advertising on television than just creating a commercialand running it a few times throughout the day on one or two channels. TV ads need to berun at the right times on the right stations for the right audiences to be the most effective.Many businesses dont have time to figure all of this information out for themselves, sothey hire in an advertising and marketing firm such as Superior Marketing Group LLC.A company such as this handles the creation of custom television spots as well as how tocreate the best regional and national footprint with innovative marketing and strategicplanning.How does a business benefit from airing a regional and national TV commercial? Howcan they utilize that commercial to build potential customer awareness? And how canthey separate themselves from their competitors in order to boost their own sales?Utilizing their experience in the design, production, and marketing of TV commercials,Superior Marketing Group is able to answer all of those questions and more.Services offered by Superior Marketing Group include the production of custom TVspots as well as working with pre-produced spots. They also handle direct response andbranding campaigns, and professional media buying that targets audiences, respectsconsumer behavior, and is based on criteria gained from measuring the value of TV andradio programming. They also work with multiple cable networks such as A&E, ABCFamily, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, the Discovery Channel, ESPN, Fox Sports, theHistory Channel, Lifetime, MTV, Sy-Fy, TLC, TNT, the Travel Channel, MSNC, and theFood Network to get national exposure for businesses.One of the most important types of exposure for smaller business is local televisionadvertising. According to a study done by Frank N. Magid Associations Inc., localtelevision news is one of the...
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