The Issues and Constraints in Relation to the use of Business Information (Asda)

Topics: Security, Information security, Computer security Pages: 4 (1048 words) Published: February 17, 2014
The Issues and Constraints in Relation to the use of Business Information in Asda

In this assignment I will be explaining the issues and constraints in relation to the use of business information in Asda. I will be outlining the operational issues within the company.

Operational Issues
Asda will have different types of information. Some of their information will be more important than other information within the organisation. Asda need to ensure that the organisation receives the information it requires and that only their appropriate employees receive the information. Asda need to make sure that their information is handled properly so some policies and procedures have to be put in place. These are the following headings: •Security of information

Health and Safety
Organisational policies
Business Continuance plans

Security of information
Information needs to be secure for a business so they usually would keep their important information stored in digital format. Information security management deals with digital data. Large businesses need to make good business decisions all the time so it is important that they are able to access their important information wherever and whenever they want, so this is why large business would usually use IT systems to store their information, but as the reliance on technology increases, so does the risk posed by the system failure and malicious attacks. So businesses IT policies should take into account of the frequent dangers to their information the business relies on. This relates to Asda as they have secure login identification, so when an employee from Asda logs onto the computer they needs to put their unique username and password and they will be able to access all their they are authorised to access. Asda may also have firewalls on their system to stop hackers getting onto their own personal network. Software Asda would consider is antivirus. This stops Asda’s system from getting...
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