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Hello, my name is I’m a seventh grade student here at Campbell middle school. I would like to send you this letter about World Food Day and how we can celebrate it. I think it is important to know that there are some families don’t get three meals a day and to honor them we should hold a picnic.

Some people in this world have way more than enough to eat while others get one meal a day if they are lucky. I feel that other than this just being a picnic it could be a way to invite charities, hold food drives, or anything else that could help these people in need. It could also be a way for parents and teachers to meet and talk without bringing up a child’s grades or behavior. It would also be a way for you to talk to the teachers and meet the parents of the children in your school.

We could have the picnic on the football field behind the school. We could send out letters saying when the picnic will be held and at what time. Along with that we good have a small snack bar and fun games and activities around the track. We will have the people that come pay for tickets to play the games and charge for the snacks. Maybe we could even show a movie when it starts to get dark to keep everyone having a good time along with keeping everyone there for a little longer.

All the funds we get from this picnic can go straight back to the people who need it most. 45% of children die of not having enough food and there are people dying of hunger as you read this so this picnic could change a lot of people’s lives. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please think about what I have said in this letter it might just change some one’s life.
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