The main role of an advertising agency

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Nike, Inc. Pages: 5 (1772 words) Published: April 3, 2013
The main role of an advertising agency is to promote and advertise any businesses products or services on offer for a company or an organisation. The advertising agency would be paid for their services by the company they are advertising for. The reason why businesses might advertise there products through an advertising agency is because it can save them a lot of time which may be needed to concentrate on other business ideas. Advertising is a wider range of communication used as a form of promotion; which is delivered through various media outlets such as television, radio, internet etc. All major businesses have advertisements which they put out to the public in order for them to be informed about their products and services, the advertising campaign for Nike is what I am going to be analysing within this essay. The criterion for selection is basically the reason why Nike business has chosen a particular type of way to advertise its product, for example T.V adverts, billboards and news paper articles. Before businesses go about choosing a particular way of advertising its product they have to calculate the cost of the advertisement and also the exposure that their particular target market will get to the product. A lot of business also keep in consideration the cost versus coverage factor, this is basically thinking of how much a type of media type would cost the business and how much coverage they would get from this media type because the amount of coverage they get would tend to have a outcome on the amount of customers they attract to that product. Lower cost business would tend to use cheaper media types that would still appeal to their customers for example McDonalds tend to use a lot of posters and billboards because it’s much cheaper than a television advert and the posters are exposed for everyone to see; whereas on the other hand due to the superiority of Nike, they can afford to use any form of advertisement to ensure their products get the correct amount of public exposure to further increase their chances of success. Nike is an American multinational organisation founded in 1964; Nike is the world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a manufacturer of sports equipment. Just like most successful companies, they have to have a well recognised logo which anybody could easily recognise without the need of the company name; Nike have got exactly this. The “swoosh” as it is known as more often referred to as the “Nike tick” originated seven years after Nike was founded in 1964, was used to represent the wing of the Greek Goddess Nike. Bought from a student for $35.00 and first used in 1972 it has gone on to become of the most common logos worldwide. The famous Nike Swoosh logo.

Furthermore, a business has to also have a catchy slogan which is not easy to forget and can be immediately paired to the business; the highly recognised trademark for Nike is ‘JUST DO IT.’ It was invented in 1988 in an advertisement meeting with their advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, whom are assigned to deal with all of Nike’s advertising and marketing. This enables the company to focus more on pushing sales and maximizing profits. Businesses work extremely close with their advertising agency to ensure that they both transmit the desired message across to the public which will enable their products to make as much revenue as possible from the advertisements. Wieden+Kennedy an independent advertising agency based in America, they have a number of companies which they work for such as, Coca Cola, Converse, Facebook and more recogniseable Nike. Wieden+Kennedy are one of the worldwide leading agencies in advertising; An advertising agency is a service business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising and other forms of promotion for its clients, such as promotional ideas, print ads, radio, television, and internet advertisements. Wieden+Kennedy is independent from Nike and provides an outside point of...
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