The Marketing Dimensions of Global Advertising

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UNIVERSITY OF NIŠ The scientific journal FACTA UNIVERSITATIS Series: Economics and Organization, Vol.1, No 5, 1997 pp. 71 - 78 Editor of Series: Dragiša Grozdanović Address: Univerzitetski trg 2, 18000 Niš, YU Tel: +381 18 547-095, Fax: +381 18-547-950


Goran Milovanović
The Faculty of Economics, University in Niš, Trg VJ 11, 18000 Niš, Yugoslavia Abstract. The aim of the paper is to evaluate important marketing dimensions of global advertising through analysis and synthesis of certain theoretical knowledge in areas such as: the nature of advertising messages on global markets, modifying messages to necessities of local markets and influence of advertising on the choice the brand of the product. An insight into the marketing mix and analysis of above mentioned advertising (the aim of the paper) are focused on upgrading the image of the product as well as on the rise of sale and profit in global terms.

Advertising is (aside from personal sale, promotion sale and publicity) a critical instrument of mix promotion. As a form of a company's communication with its environment and as a means of advancement of sale, advertising should point out utility and value advantages offered by the product to existing and potential customers. The power of successful transfer of promotion campaign around the globe is a considerable advantage of a globally oriented company in term of competitiveness. To expand globally it must find markets for its products worldwide. Locating more precisely target markets and lifting the level of detailed analysts of customer's buying motives in these markets the management of the company enchants successful implementation of its global advertising strategy. 1. THE NATURE OF A ADVERTISING MESSAGE TO GLOBAL MARKET Advertising message is of certain content, which is to be conveyed to a recipient. It is a part of mass public communication and a specific message in the process of mass communication characterized by: 1) its commercial character (it is created and published to initiate and guide the behavior of potential consumers at buying certain products and Received July 5, 1999



2) to be distributed to recipients through means of mass communication [1, p. 229]. The content of an advertising message, regardless of whether it is aimed at domestic of foreign markets must be evaluated according to its contribution to sale results. Advertising message for global markets, as both product and activity, is distributed through different means of mass communication; it endures strong competition and comes in contact with those to whom it isn't aimed. Such message should be repetitive, general and must stimulate recipient's behavior. There are not a big number of advertising messages, which are able to draw or constrain attention of recipients to a certain product. It is mainly the case with some commercial that have been going on for a prolonged time and which can be recognized with customers and general public and are based on advertising appeal as a carrying idea or theme of the advertising message. The aim of the advertiser is to discover the real appeal and to evaluate the role it plays in the overall campaign. Aiming of the content of advertising message at activating one of more motifs through the appeal one cam turn a motive into a necessity for certain products or services. One should recognize positive and negative promotion appeals. Mainly a positive appeal points out the benefits which a buyer will acquire if he buys a certain product (saving, rationality, purity etc.). Negative appeals point out possible damages of inconveniences, which can be absorbed if a certain product is bough and used. Use of advertising appeal in stimulating motives in consumers is often criticized since it is considered to create tension and generates needs for whose fulfillment there are no real possibilities. 2. MODIFICATION ADVERTISING...

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Cilj rada je da se, analizom i sintezom nekih aktuelnih teorijskih saznanja, ocene značajnije marketing dimenzije globalne privredne propagande (priroda propagandnih poruka za globalna tržišta, smisao prilagođavanja poruka zahtevima lokalnih tržišta i identifikovanje nekih uticaja privredne propagande na izbor marke proizvoda). Pregled nekih pristupa ovom instrumentu marketing mix-a kao i analiza pomenutih dimenzija privredne propagande (predmetno određenje rada) fokusirani su na unapređenje imidža proizvoda kao i rast prodaje i profita u globalnim poslovnim okvirima.
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