The Meaning of Images in Mass Media Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Propaganda Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: November 8, 2011
The intended meaning of any particular image in an advertisement today must be determined individually and could be defined with any degree of varying specificity. One could look at a single photo ad in a particular magazine; they could examine the entire national collection of automotive television commercials. On could also broaden and generalize their analysis o include all media advertizing that uses images, In such a writing as that, it is important to understand that the author does not intend to include every specific instance of image advertizing in his or her analysis. For example, in this paper the author will be using the world of mass media advertising as his subject. Certainly there will be some ads that fall outside of this argument. The author intends the following paper to focus more on the culture and general immoral intentions of mass media advertising. The reason for the road focus is that for the paper to be effective it must encompass the scope of the problems inherent in today’s mass media advertizing. For example: rampant sexism, the general immorality of so much of it, and manipulation of so many different kinds. Mostly this essay will focus on how the media advertisers attempt to force consumers to believe that identity is not formed a priori, but rather that it is something which can be bought, sold, worn, or displayed. I will argue to the opposite of that effect, detailing how one’s identity most closely resembles a material-less spiritual bond and is only warped, twisted, and veiled by the mass media advertisers and the consumables they sale.

It is imperative for the cogency of this paper that the terms of consumer or consumable verses necessity are defined clearly. The concept of a consumer relates to one who purchases unnecessary or superfluous goods on top of all of their necessary purchases and payments. For example and I-Pod is a consumable product. Not because it is edible, but because it is not essential to the survival of the...
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