the negative effect of advertising

Topics: Advertising, Cosmetics, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: May 26, 2014
The negative effect of advertising

Advertising is a marketing method to encourage, persuade, or even manipulated people to do a specific action such as buying a product. Additionally, the main purpose of advertising is to convince customers that a company service or a product is the best. Throughout history, public services have used advertisings to increase their sales and reputation. For instance, if your company has developed a product that you consider is better than anything currently in the market, advertizing allows you to let the world know about your product. However, there are also some negative effects that advertising industry possesses. Even though advertising industry performs many public services, people do not rely in this method because ads are too exaggerated or even false, people are manipulated through ads about choosing decisions and the industry forces people, such as children, into having a stereotype body image.

First of all, many companies have become powerful by taking advantage of advertising. There are some companies such as cosmetics industry that promise to its client wonderful results on their appearance. Usually, they use lots of pretty and unimaginable models on their ads. As a result, people became impacted with the effect of those products. However, according with some researches, these types of advertisements do not reflect reality and they are not ordinary. In the real life, advertising industry uses innovative software such as photoshop to improve models’ appearance and beauty. The idea of people’s mind is that using those products they can look like the models in the ads. In the article, “false beauty in advertising and the pressure to look good” by Jos Winson, special to CNN, the author explains that advertising industry forces people to obtain a better appearance. Consequently, they suffer of mental problems about their body’s confidence such as depression or the idea to lose weight. In fact, advertising...
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