The Power of Advertising and Public Relations

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The Power Of Advertising And Public Relations


The Power Of Advertising And Public Relations
Advertising and public relations are two very powerful tools used in communicating with the public. This essay will explain the origins of advertising and public relations, how they both were developed and where evolution might take these two powerful forms of communication. Before the origins of advertising and public relations are explained, definitions of these two powerful forms of mass communication have to be explained. Advertising is the activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media. Public Relations is the total communication strategy conducted by a person, a government, or an organization attempting to reach and persuade its audiences to adopt a point of view.()

The origins of advertising can be found around 3000 B.C., when shop owners in ancient Babylon started hanging signs made out of wood and stone. They were advertising to potential customers the products that they had for sale. The earliest media ads were in the form of pamphlets and posters. English booksellers printed brochures and bills announcing new material that will soon be available, this happened as early as the 1470's. Long before printed material town criers orally spread the news and what some of the current issues were in town. In 1622 , printed advertisements started appearing in English newspapers, these ad's took the place of the town criers and their orally ad's. In 1704 the first newspaper ads in colonial America advertised land deal and ship cargos in the Boston News Letter. ()

Advertising was well on its way to becoming the powerful tool that it is today. World War I saw some important advances in advertising as governments on all sides used ads as propaganda. The British used advertising as propaganda to convince its own citizens to fight, and also to persuade the Americans...

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